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A Solution-based approach

Domestic architecture is about providing answers for specific problems.  It might be a lack of space, rooms the wrong shape,  a cold house or an unattractive extension, but there will always be something you want to change.   

Fitkov-Norris Design Limited

is a small architectural design practice based in Ealing, West London, and specialising in high quality domestic projects.

These include new properties, refurbishments, extensions large or small and loft conversions.


Maximising Potential

As an architectural designer, my role is to find the best solution to a problem and maximise the benefit for your property.  At the heart of this is identifying what you are trying to achieve before deciding the best way of going about it.

Intelligent Design

The most obvious option may not be the best - change part of a building and it can open up a range of opportunities through the rest of the property.  An extension can do much more than just make a house bigger.

Individual Attention

Every architectural project is different, and the personalised service of a designer should reflect this. Listening to the client and understanding their requirements is key to my approach.

A Two-way process

Designs develop, requirements change and every alteration is a chance to improve the scheme. Input from the client is good, more input is better! Sitting round a table, discussing the plans, changing and tweaking, this is all central to a successful design.